Sunday, July 17, 2011

More of Day 6

We checked out Playa Hermosa, which was pretty nice, and then went to Playa Ocotal and ate lunch there.  So far Playa Ocotal has been my favorite beach in the area.  After looking around Playa Ocotal we decided we would head to a beach we read about in our guide book, Playa Pan de Azúcar, which the book said was a small beach off a dirt road that's normally pretty empty and perfect for snorkeling.  It wasn't far south of Playa Ocotal, but there aren't any roads that go through so we had to take a much longer route around to the east, then farther south, and then back up north.  We turned on one dirt road (not the rough one that goes to Playa Pan de Azúcar, but another one on the way) and while we were going around a sharp turn there was another car coming the other way, but not really enough room for two cars to pass each other.  Chris couldn't stop and neither could the other car since the roads were getting muddy from rain, and we ended up hitting the side of the other car.  The other family suggested we move off that road since rocks tend to fall from the cliffs above, especially when it starts raining, so we drove to the nearby town and called all the various people that needed to be called.  We had some food and drinks at a restaurant while waiting for insurance to show up.  When the insurance agents from our rental car company finally showed up, they decided that the police needed to be called so they could get the police report for their papers.  Shortly after the insurance agents showed up, it started raining super hard, probably the hardest downpour we've seen, and it lasted for almost the rest of the night.  The police took forever showing up, easily over an hour, so we just stayed inside the restaurant to avoid getting soaked.  When the police finally showed up I helped explain to them what happened, since the officer didn't speak english, and then we had to go get a new rental car.  Fortunately, the family who's car we hit was extremely nice and the guy who was driving even insisted on paying for the food we got at the restaurant.  After we got our new rental car we had a fairly long drive back to Coco, where we grabbed some quick dinner to bring back to our room.  Also here's a picture for fun, find the sand crab!

Also if you want to see a ton more pictures, they're on my facebook page, here's a link:

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