Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 7 - Sunday

We spent today pretty much just hanging out in Coco.  We walked around the beach some, then spent awhile just wandering around town.  We got some lunch earlier this afternoon and then spent awhile just playing cards since it was pretty hot and humid out and we didn't feel like walking around the beach in the hot sun.  We were planning on getting some sodas at the grocery store and heading to the beach to swim, but the rain started up again this afternoon and is super heavy with extremely loud thunder, so right now we're just hanging out outside in the covered area of our hotel.  If the rain dies down we'll probably still try to stop by the grocery store and head to the beach, but we'll have to see what the weather is like.  We had been planning on heading to Nicoya tomorrow, but now we're thinking of heading to Monteverde instead.  Monteverde is on the other side of Volcan Arenal from La Fortuna, and Chris and I both loved that area which is why we're thinking of checking out Monteverde.  Like La Fortuna, there also seems to be a lot to do in Monteverde like ziplines and all, since it's just on the opposite side of the volcano.  We will most likely spend Monday and Tuesday nights in Monteverde before heading back to San Jose for our last night in Costa Rica.  The trip has been awesome so far, and Costa Rica is amazing - I definitely don't want to go back to the US.

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