Thursday, July 14, 2011

More of Day 4

We got some dinner in town tonight and then tried some chocolate at the chocolatería (chocolate shop).  The chocolate was pretty awesome, we had one with chili pepper and another was white chocolate with lemon.  We didn't head out to the volcano today since it was a super hard downpour most of the afternoon. Sadly we haven't seen any glowing lava, since 2 nights it's been too cloudy, and we're planning on heading out of La Fortuna tomorrow.  In the morning we plan to drive towards Liberia (the town, not the country in Africa) and we'll most likely spend a night there.  I might check out what is playing at the movie theatre in Liberia (since there don't seem to be that many theaters in Costa Rica), it would be pretty awesome to see a movie in Spanish, and tickets are only $4 (technically ¢2000) per person.  After that we plan to head towards the beaches and will probably stay in Coco since it seems to have the cheapest hotels along the coast.  Also, here's a picture of the waterfall we went to earlier today.

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