Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 3 - Wednesday

We had planned to go to the volcano today, but it was really cloudy and we couldn't see the volcano at all most of the day, so we walked around La Fortuna instead.  It was really rainy this morning so we stopped by a little coffee shop and tried some coffee and hot chocolate, they were both pretty delicious.  For lunch we shared a giant plate of nachos, and some apples from the grocery store.  We spent awhile having the drinks and then lunch just hanging out inside while the rain came down.  Later we walked to the very west edge of town (towards the volcano) since it was only drizzling and in general just explored the area.  We also stopped by a few different tour places to see about possibly going horseback riding to some waterfalls near the volcano tomorrow.  One place had pretty good prices, but nobody was around so we are going to try going back there a little later this afternoon to check again.  Tonight we're going to make soup in the little kitchen at our hostel and then maybe try out a bar or club in the town.

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