Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More of Day 2

We went walking around town today (in La Fortuna) and it was pretty awesome.  The fog and clouds cleared and we could see the volcano, which looks huge even from town.  The volcano was awesome, and there was smoke coming out of it most of the time, although we haven't seen any glowing lava flows so far.  We stopped at a little soda (a small food-selling place which can be a little food stand, a little cafe, or a little restaurant) to get dinner tonight.  I finally figured out what gallos are, I wasn't sure since gallo is the word for rooster, but in Costa Rica gallos are little tacos.  I also tried the free water, even though some people say the water here isn't the best, although Chris decided to just stick with our bottled water.  After that we walked around town some more and I overheard some people in their yard talking about us after we turned around a walked past them the second time.  They were wondering where we were from and decided Chris was either from the US or Canada, but I don't know where they thought I was from.  After that we also got some super delicious lime ice cream to eat on the way back to our hotel.  Also while shopping we found out that deodorant here is really hard to find, and really expensive when you do find it.  Tomorrow we will probably head into the national park and check out the volcano up close.

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