Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 2 - Tuesday

This morning we left San Jose and headed towards La Fortuna, to the northwest.  La Fortuna is right near Volcan Arenal, so we are spending 3 nights here so we have time to check everything out.  We found a small hostel for $20 a night that we're staying at, and they have a shared kitchen so we might try getting some food at the grocery store and cooking for the next few days.  Tomorrow and the day after we plan to spend checking out the national park and the volcano.  Volcan Arenal is still semi-active and supposedly you can see the lava flows pretty well at night.  When we went to the bank to change money they asked if we had felt the earthquake a few minutes before, but apparently it must have been pretty small since we didn't notice it.  Since most of the national parks around here aren't open super late we will probably spend the rest of this afternoon/evening walking around La Fortuna, checking out the grocery store, and maybe stopping by a club.

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