Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 5 - Friday

Friday morning we decided to head out of La Fortuna, and got a giant danish for breakfast on the way out. It was basically a cream cheese danish, a little larger than an average loaf of bread, for a little under $1.50, and it was pretty delicious (check out the picture).  We stopped in Liberia, and considered spending a night there, but it was a really big, crowded town and we decided to keep heading west towards the coast instead.  We did stop for a little while in Liberia to get some lunch, and we also went to the movie theatre there (since there aren't that many and they're fairly spread out around the country).  We saw the new Harry Potter movie in Spanish, which was pretty awesome, even though Chris was kind of confused in parts.  Once the movie was over we went ahead and drove to Coco, a town right on the coast.  We decided to get a hotel for three nights here in Coco since there are several beaches nearby that we can easily drive to during the day.  

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