Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 6 - Saturday

This morning we walked around town a little more and walked by the beach that's super close to our hotel. It's pretty cool, but there are a ton of fishing boats right off shore.  While we were walking around town we saw some friendly guys snorting coke who said hi to us, sadly we didn't stop to hang out with them.  We had some quick breakfast, and saw a little iguana while we were eating.  Later today we're going to drive around and see what the other nearby beaches look like, but we'll be staying in Coco for a few nights since it has the cheapest hotels out of any of the beach towns, and is still super close to the other beaches we want to see.  The internet here isn't quite as good, but we'll try to update the blog whenever we get a chance, and more pictures are up on my facebook page.  Also, here's a picture of Coco beach, about 2 blocks from our hotel.

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