Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 4 - Thursday

We went horseback riding this morning and it was pretty awesome, especially since Chris and I were the only ones in the group.  My horse was named Pinta and she was always determined to be in the front, so she would zigzag across the path to cut off the other 2 horses and whenever Chris' horse tried to pass us, Pinta would start trotting or galloping to make sure she stayed ahead.  We rode the horses for awhile, then took a hike down to the waterfall where we spent awhile hanging out.  The waterfall looked really cool and the water we could go in was nice and cool.  Chris spent a long time trying to catch a fish out of the water with his hands, but didn't have any luck.  Then we hiked back to where the horses were tied up, rode them back, and got to see a butterfly garden before heading back to La Fortuna.  We stopped at a small restaurant for lunch that was  really good & also really cheap, and then got some nice cold showers (the only kind available at our hostel).  We're not sure what we're going to do later tonight, we were thinking about driving up to the volcano, but the top of it is still completely covered by clouds so we're not sure if it'd be worth the drive and park entrance fee if we wouldn't really be able to see the volcano.  We're hoping the clouds might clear up later tonight so we can hopefully see some of the glowing lava before we leave La Fortuna tomorrow.

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